Sunday, May 24, 2009

More on the Farm

It's been a week since I started this post, and the animals are getting bigger by the day. This week has been a time of catching up, yet I still feel far behind.

Here is a photo of our two pigs. We had asked for three, but apparently our neighbors didn't raise as many as they planned. They are cute little guys, very friendly and curious. One really enjoys having his back scratched and likes eating out of my hand. Their snouts sure feel funny when they root around.

Grayg (named for his gray coat) and Lena enjoy resting in the flower box by our basement door. I wonder how I will keep them out of there when I plant my flowers!

Peter made a fence for the goats in the woods, and here is the gate. We need to get everyone out on pasture, but the grass just isn't growing as quickly as we would like. Peter brings them back to the barn for the night and has them eating hay in there. I can already tell by the smell of the goat milk they are eating brush once again. Peter is milking once a day now, and usually brings in a gallon of milk. I've been making a lot of yogurt.
This week a friend of ours suddenly lost her water to the house. Jim and our guys went over there to see if they could figure out what had happened and ended up pulling the pump out of the well, which was about 250 feet down.
I never did get all of the stains out of these jeans!

Yesterday everyone had to rush out of the house at the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. We've seen quite a few, but none like this one. Makes me wonder what was going on.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you Lynn.

Pigs look nice in that straw.

Did They get the well pump going?

Have a good week.

Gp B

Marci said...

I love the little pigs. :) Are they just to butcher or are you going to try and keep a sow?

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci,

We'll butcher both of them. I think it would be a bit tough for us to keep a pig all winter, since we don't have a good shelter for them from cold. Besides, these two are males!