Monday, May 04, 2009

Cabin #3

This cabin seemed to take the least amount of time to prepare for moving -- or maybe it was just that it was the third time the men had worked on one of them. Even though this one was on a hill it didn't seem to be a problem.

I think it was determined that this cabin will be turned into our wood shop, and we will bring power over to the building. That means our future bedroom on the main floor will eventually no longer have our shop tools in it! Peter stayed at the back of the cabin, making sure everything looked okay. Those walkie talkies sure came in handy. Part of the time he rode with me in the station wagon, and part of the time he was walking, keeping an eye on power lines and checking whatever needed to be checked.

This is a photo of the building going by the check in station at the state park. Thankfully there was enough room between the stop sign and building.

Jim was hitching a ride with Mr. Pedie on the payloader, heading out of the state park.

No, Jonathan was not moving forward! Peter must have been checking for clearance of the power lines. Jonathan drove the truck just ahead of the payloader, with flashers flashing.

That's me behind the building in the station wagon. Driving behind with the flashers going reminded me of driving in one of the parades we attended last summer, when Jim was running for state senate.

Just as we turned on to our gravel road, Jim noticed some of the chains had loosened on the trip. The procession stopped while they were tightened up.
Up the hill on our gravel road we went. Good thing no one wanted to get by.

Mr. Pedie turned into our driveway and noticed his payloader was overheating, so we took a break. The rear right wheels were in the ditch, and that is why the cabin looks kind of tipped. Our driveway had finally dried out from the spring thaw and recent rains.

Cabin #3 entering the homestretch!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and story.

Really tells what it looks like. Sure fills the road up.

What an asset to have all that space, and be what appears to be in good condition.

Where is the wood shop going to be placed?

Gp B

Cora Beth said...

What great pictures, Mrs. Bartlett!
The one where the building is leaning to the side looks a bit scary! I'm glad things have been going fairly smoothly for you all in this big project! I remember one time we had a huge barn moved in two pieces and I remember how exciting it was when the movers finally got it in our yard and set it down on the foundation we had worked so hard to prepare...

Our family enjoys reading all of your blogs so much! Sorry we don't say so more often. Honestly, you are the ones who inspired us the most to start blogs of our own. :)

William Cross said...

Looks like you all definately had your work cut out for you on this one.

God bless.


Homestead Herbs said...

What an accomplishment! You now have more space/building than you know what to do with!! Can't wait to see how you decide to use them all.

And to think this all started with a pop-up camper! :-)

Thank you for sharing all your accomplishments.