Sunday, May 17, 2009

At Last: Cabin #4

We received the call about 6:30 Friday night that Mr. Pedie was ready to pull the last cabin home. So, supper stayed on the table, and we left for the camp. As you can see by Peter's attire it was a very chilly evening, and the work was done with periodic episodes of sleet.

This was the first time I witnessed the payloader pulling a cabin from its original spot at camp, and it was quite interesting. This cabin was up on a hill, so Mr. Pedie had to pull it down the hill, across to where there had once been a cabin, and then back it down to the road where he could pull it straight up and out of the camp.
The road out of camp is quite narrow, so Jim had to direct the operation.

Every time we took out a cabin it behaved differently on the road, so once again the guys had to stop progress to cut down a tree that had caught on the roof of the structure.

Since it was Friday night and more people were driving around Lake Metigoshe, the decision was made that I would drive the station wagon a ways ahead in front of the procession; Peter was to sit on the hood and stop oncoming traffic. This was probably the only time in my life where I could legally drive down the middle of the road and stop traffic!

Andrew was photographing all of the events of the evening, with a little help from David.

As you can see, it was getting darker by the time we pulled the cabin out of the park. Mr. Pedie brought along a relative of his to drive the vehicle at the rear with flashing lights.

Now we are finally on our road. Jim spent a lot of time running in between the loader and pickup truck, so he was getting a much deserved rest.

On the homestretch -- just before getting stuck! The payloader bogged down in the field and reinforcements were needed, so the decision was made to unhook the payloader and get it out of the very wet area before it sunk any deeper. The work would continue in the morning.
By morning, the ruts made by the payloader were filled with water. We may have discovered a spring over in that area of the field!
Mr. Pedie's relative brought along his heavy duty pickup, and they hooked that up to the loader via a cable. It didn't take much to get the payloader going again, and the cabin was once again in motion.

Onward to the cabin's final resting place!
David, another of our very diligent workers!

Finally positioning the cabin near the other ones on the homestead.


Marci said...

Praise the Lord, they are all where they need to be!!! I am thrilled for you!

Kelle said...

What a blessing to have this chore behind you and an even bigger blessing to have the buildings! Job well done. :o)

Praying some of the warm we're now getting heads your way *wink* You sound as if you need it.

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Anonymous said...

Great job everybody !!!!

Thanks Lynn for your fine coverage and details of the last move.

Sure couldn't have done it with out the right equipment.


Gp B

gate valves said...

now thats the way to move a house! amazing!