Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Flatpicker

It's so hard to believe, but today Peter, our second son, celebrated his 15th birthday. I still remember the day of his birth, and it just can't be 15 years ago! He is such a blessing to our family. Samson thinks so, too!
Andrew, son #3, made Peter a cake to go with one of the birthday gifts he received -- a Gerber. Around these parts, a male homeschooler's attire includes a Gerber or Leatherman hanging from their belt.

Andrew also made Peter a contraption he found in one of the Foxfire books ... A donkey that kicks a man when the crank is turned. The boys were in the process of painting it today.

I also want to tell son #4 -- David -- a happy 9-1/2 birthday. We will celebrate his 10th birthday six months from today!


KP said...

Happy birthday!

Yeah, Gerber is the best.


Marci said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!