Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Taste of Summer

Our weather is just starting to resemble summer. The boys were complaining how hot it was today, when the temperature was only about 80 degrees. Jim allowed three of them to take a canoe ride and cool off, and from my vantage point weeding in the gardens, it sounded like they had a great time. We are thankful that our friend Steve has loaned us his canoe.

Our raspberries and strawberries so far are doing well. There are a lot of runners in between the rows of raspberry bushes, and I mentioned to a friend that we planned to till them in. She suggested we place an ad in the local paper and see if anyone would want them. We were pleasantly surprised when yesterday we had three callers inquire and purchase some of them. Great! The boys are thrilled to make a little bit of money. Jim and the younger boys spent time today transplanting some of the strawberry runners into a recently tilled garden area, which will greatly increase our future strawberry crop.

One thing we were concerned about is the lack of bees in the area. How are things going to be pollinated? Jim lost out on getting more bees this year, and it seemed there were no wild pollinators in the area. I was glad to have a bumblebee check out my weeding this afternoon, so maybe they are beginning to come around. Last year a man summered his bees on our land, and we were hoping he would get them in place this year before we were in desperate straits. They haven't shown up yet, and I wonder when that will take place. It's interesting how we forget from year to year when events happen -- unless we keep a farming journal. Jonathan has been keeping better track this year, so next year we'll know exactly when we did what.

The Bottineau County Fair was held last Thursday through Sunday. I still can't figure out why they hold the fair in June, as that means 4-H'rs and the rest can't show their garden produce. Even the state fair is early -- in July. The weather was cold and rainy, but people still came out to see the exhibits. This was the first year they didn't offer carnival rides (fine with us). It was also the first year we attended the event, as we aren't much for that type of entertainment. I helped out in the kitchen once again on Saturday and Sunday at Metigoshe Ministries, so I didn't make it to the actual fair. Jim had to help man the Republican booth, so each day he took along one or more of the boys to help out. This was the first county fair they have ever attended.

It was also their first time viewing a demolition derby, and I guess they had a great time there.


Marci said...

That is a really odd time for a fair. Well, I am glad they got to go. I have been to several demolition derbies.... a guy thing I am thinking!! =)

Goodolboy said...

Hi Lynn, We are getting summer up here now too. We had Springfield Days here and they also did away with the rides. Actually the whole deal was kind of sad. Beer gardens, dance and slow pitch baseball (more beer). They also had a church service in the arena but it conflicted with our service and the kids were doing something special for the dads so you know where I had to be. The only thing we took in was the parade. Charlotte was in it. I wanted to get a picture of her but wouldn't you know it the cameras batteries died just before she reached us. Just my luck. Oh yea, we got another calf. This one seems to be doing fine. They sure do eat alot.


Anonymous said...

It's been "summer" here for a while...sometimes I envy people who live in the near-arctic regions. :)


Peggy said...

Wish we were having 80's LOL Tell the boys they can have our high 90's and low 100's along with the humidity. Bet things are looking beautiful in ND. Have a great summer