Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just a Note

This spring has been a very busy time for us; not only with activities related to the farm, but with Jim's campaign for the state senate position. I have also been helping out at the local retreat center, and will be working again today to help another lady with a wedding reception for 300 people. I keep hoping things will settle down soon, but our list of activities seems to be accelerating. I guess we are all being stretched.

I woke up yesterday morning with water dripping on me -- it was raining! We were so thankful to have a day of nice, steady rain. This is really the first rains we've had since the snow melted, and local farmers are wondering if it came too late for the growth of hay. At least there will be one cutting this summer, instead of the usual two harvests. I didn't mind donning my rubber boots to head out to the car, or trying to guide the car as it slid down the greasy driveway.

Hopefully after the weekend is over I will have time to post some photos of our recent activities.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn.

Keep us posted.

Gp B

Marci said...

Looking forward to the pictures Lynn!!