Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogging Produces Blessings

Last March we received an email from a lady named Colleen, who said their family found ours through our son's Peter's blog. Apparently they had Googled a particular song, and one of the sites listed was Peter's, where he was playing that song. They were missionaries living off the coast of Quebec, and could they possibly stop by for a brief visit on their way to California? We said yes, please come for a visit. I am always surprised when someone wants to stop by, as we are definitely off the beaten path.

Well, we didn't hear from their family again until last week, when Colleen wrote that they were going to be in North Dakota this week. Some phone conversations followed, and we had them as our visitors yesterday morning.

It's always such a blessing to meet like-minded people, with many of the same interests. Our boys played music with their boys, and an enjoyable time was hopefully had by all. We certainly hope they will be able to stop by again some day.


Anonymous said...

I am curious if the two boys are twins they look so much alike. You are such an inspiration to us all Love cindy

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Cindy,
They aren't twins, but close in age. They were all so nice, and it was fun to watch them play their fiddles and guitar while our boys played banjo, bass and mandolin.

BonnieJ said...

What nice updates!! The pictures are great :) Glad to see all of the cool signs for the election :D

kristi said...

I found your blog by clicking on a link from The Deliberate Agrarian... I've been enjoying reading your goings on! What I think is extra fun is that this family, on their summer circuit ride, became members at our church out here in CA! They are a wonderful family and so inspiring - as is your blog. I hope the winter treats you well up there - God bless you and your family!