Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Photo Journal

Well, the truss company was supposed to let us know when they were going to deliver our trusses. Instead, on Wed. afternoon we received a call from the local lumber comany, telling us the semi driver of the truss company couldn't maneuver his truck into our driveway, so he left the trusses at their business! Thankfully, the next day the lumber company brought them in with a pickup truck and a flatbed trailer. Jim and the boys and the 2 men were able to unload them from the trailer.

One family arrived on Friday night, and set up their tents for a cold night of approximately 40 degree weather. Other families arrived on Sat. morning, and the men set to work on the house. The ladies and young children occupied the kitchen, preparing meals and having a great time of fellowship. It was tough to get the men to stop long enough to eat! Two families came from over 3 hours away, and had to get up early enough to do chores before they headed to our place. I am constantly amazed at how the Lord has blessed us with so many caring friends, willing to sacrifice their time and money to come and help us out. I think both days we had approximately 30 friends here -- including children.

This was the challenge for the weekend: installing 19 trusses up at least 16 feet on the house.

This is a photo of one of the trusses being brought in through my future kitchen window.

Looks VERY SCARY to me! I'm thankful I was inside taking care of children and food!

Getting closer to being done; I think this was taken as the men were finishing up for the day on Saturday.

I think a prerequisite for carpentry is to be part monkey.

What a blessing to have been able to borrow so much scaffolding.

Now it's starting to look like a house -- or a barn! Someone said it looks like they could store their combine in it!

Part of the crew in action.

Getting down to the end.

Is that my son Jonathan way up there??

A job well done. We are so grateful to the Lord that there were no mishaps.

It definitely looks like fall is in the air.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn for the great photo shoot.

Sure looks encouraging. You must be excited.

Somebody will have a lot of hammering to do to put all the plywood on.

Have a good time with the Mac Donalds.

Hope you can record some of their jamming.

Gp B

Marci said...

Oh Lynn, I am SO excited for you. You can start to see the outline of your dream. You have taken another huge step. Praise the LORD!!!!!

Emily said...

Wow, Lynn!!! I can just imagine the excitement that must be in the air at your place. It looks like everyone is doing a fantastic job and what an immense blessing from the Lord to have so many willing helpers. I'm rejoicing with you! :)

Herrick Kimball said...

Hey Lynn,

We're really enjoying the pictures of your new house. You folks are making some great family memories along with a place to live. It's wonderful!!

Benjamin said...

This is going to be a beautiful home... heather and I were very impressed with your men's handiwork. It is absolutely beautiful, it doesn't look like a warehouse, it looks like a spacious mountain retreat. It's certainly good to see the Lord leading along the way- I remember so well you guys talking about all your dreams back in front of the fire on wednesday evenings.. so wonderful to see some of them coming to fruition at last. We're so happy for you and wish we could be there to help.
We're praising the Lord along with you for His everlasting faithfulness,
Ben and Heather

JM said...

Amazing! You are quite a productive bunch! It looks beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Hi to everyone =)