Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our Friends,The MacDonald Family Singers

Just wanted to write about our time with the MacDonald family. Actually, I will send you to Carol MacDonald's blog and Bonnie MacDonald's blog since they have already told about our adventures!

Our son Jonathan first "met" the MacDonald's son Vincent in a discussion group called the Banjo Hangout, and began corresponding when they discovered they both were homeschooled. Jim's parents went to hear them when they were ministering not too far away, and became fast friends. We were so blessed to have them come and spend 3 days with us. We worked them kind of hard and they had quick lessons about homestead living, but hopefully they enjoyed their time here.

If anyone would be interested in having the MacDonald Family Singers minister in their area, you can check out their website here.

Just an update: My brother Mike and wife Pam are here helping us out; the men spent the entire day yesterday feverishly working to tarp the roof once again, since rain was predicted for late afternoon and night. It is raining off and on again today, and I can very thankfully report that the rain stayed outside this time! What a relief!


Anonymous said...

To bad raining with all that good help available.

Maybe a good time to just slow down and just have a good visit.

Thanks for the update.

Great picture , you would never know 1/2 of them are sick.

Hopefully they are doing better by now.

Hope the MacDonalds are having a good time in Kentucky waiting for bus repairs. Anxious to hear how the rest of the trip goes.

Gp B

Marci said...

I am so glad you are making progress. When the rain stops, give some good pictures of the progress on the walls and roof.