Friday, September 22, 2006

Big Game Hunter

My brother and his wife are here visiting for a few days, and brought our son Andrew's gift from my parents for his 10th birthday. Andrew was thrilled to receive a .22! Just as he was on the phone thanking Grandpa and Grandma, our son Jonathan came running in to say there was a muskrat near the house, and for Andrew to get his gun! Andrew handed the phone to me to explain what was happening, and ran out. He then came in a short time later, stating matter of factly that he had shot the muskrat!
Here is Andrew, the big game hunter.

Andrew, enjoying the cake that Aunt Pam made for him. David is enjoying all the attention as well!


Marci said...

Happy Birthday Andrew and great shot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Andrew that was quick. Good shot.

Guess you will have to go hunting now. Maybe between you and your brothers you might be able to fill your freezer with meet for the year.

Happy birthday.

Gp B