Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Happenings

I think our family accomplished quite a bit today ... It was even nice enough to hang clothes outside. I enjoyed that, as I could listen to the sounds of spring. You haven't lived until you hear the sound of a grebe; last spring when I heard them for the first time I thought something was dying! Those birds are terribly loud. They are once again building their nest just off shore on a clump of bushes that are currently in the lake. Last year one of the boys confiscated a few of their eggs to try out the incubator. Bad idea, because soon after they hatched they died. We won't do that again.

We also have had a family of loons spend the season on the lake. I was very glad to hear them again a couple of days ago, so they must be back this year as well. We'll see if the male does what he did last year -- every night just before sunset he would fly over the house, making lots of noise.

Jim and the boys spent the afternoon putting up more fencing for our sheep. Neighbors have offered us some lambs, and I think the guys plan on getting a few. If that's the case, I sure hope the weather stays on the warm side. Unlike Russ of "Log Cabin Homestead," in spite of having a cement floor, I do not want to have lambs in the house!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

That is a beautiful picture of your lake! I agree that the bird sounds are incredible here in the hills especially in the spring! I wonder if it is because the birds are extra loud singing their spring sounds or because it just sounds extra loud after the silence of winter.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

You write such good blogs.

Seems good to hear your up beat coments of spring. I guess the feeling is mutual everywhere. I even heard people in Fla say its so nice to see spring ariving.What are they talking about!!. If they only knew what winter is realy like, right.

I comented to Peter and Jonathan.

Have a good day

Gp B