Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life is Getting Busy

I thought it was going to rain all day, so when a phone call came asking for as many as could come to help do a bulk mailing at the retreat center where Jonathan vacuums -- I agreed to do it. David and I made a quick trip to town for Jim (and choked when I saw the gas price of $2.79.9/gallon), and when we returned, our friend Steve (Mountain Fire Keeper) was over tilling one of our garden areas. Jim and Andrew were throwing the now soggy hay off from our roof, and Peter and Jonathan were weeding in one of the other garden areas. After lunch then, Jonathan, Peter and I headed to work on the mailing.

The rain began about 4:30, but before that the men sure got a lot done around here. The roof is now clear of hay, but Jim was a bit concerned with the rain and wondered if the rolled roofing had been damaged at all when the hay was being removed. So far so good, but tonight I decided to cover as much as I could with plastic, just in case the roof does start leaking. While we were gone the guys also planted potatoes, peas and carrots right into the garden area, and started work on our hoop house. Things are sure shaping up around here! It's supposed to rain for the next couple of days (and go down into the low 30's once again at night), so maybe we'll get some inside work done as well. Everyone was sure ready for bedtime tonight!


HomesteadHerbs said...

Life's getting busy here too! I checked on the garden the other day, and I've got some major weeding to get done!!

We've got temperatures in the high 90's!! Too hot, too soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn!

I hate to admit it but I was sure glad to see the rain at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. My poor body was telling me that I'm not conditioned yet for the labor we've done these past few days.

It does feel good having a few seeds in the ground! This rain will sure help everything 'green up'!

Best wishes!

Emily said...

Hi Lynn! You are all so industrious, you put me to shame. What a blessing for a family to be working in unity as you do; the boys must have an excellent work ethic. I have not gotten to do any outside work recently mostly because I'm fearful of my back's response to the activity. Slow raking is okay, and weeding is fine, but I can't do any bending and lifting, so Dwayne and Isaac do the heavy chores. I can't keep up with all the plants coming up....I recognize very few of them. This is the most glorious springtime that I can remember, in recent history anyway. Seems like the perfect balance of sun and rain to get everything off to a good start. P.S. Did you ever find out what those little red bugs were? Hope they're all gone. We're having a little problem with itsy bitsy ants but they're easy enough to get rid of. I found by chance that they really dislike peppermint oil so I'm swabbing the kitchen down until it smells like a candy cane in there! :)

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I am NOT looking forward to 90 degree weather, but 70's sound nice! We are hovering in the 50's.

Emily, I feel badly for you with having back problems. I remember watching my Dad suffer for many years, and continues to this day. It's no fun, as the back is so important to everything we do. I pray for healing for you. When we were all so sick I remember thanking the Lord for our health, as we so easily take it for granted. We haven't figured out what the bugs were, but at least we now know the source and have gotten rid of that (hopefully!). I'll have to tell Jim's folks about the wonderful spring you are having; they are on their way up the coast and will be back in NH on Sunday.