Thursday, February 02, 2006

We are Not in the Wilderness After All!

I am constantly amazed at God's timing in things. When we moved up here to the Turtle Mountains, we knew no one. It was hard for me to understand why God would send us here, with seemingly no fellowship. Well, it wasn't long before friends from another part of the state came to visit and introduced us to Paulette, their lay midwife. Since then, Paulette has become such a dear Christian friend. I have always had an interest in healthy eating habits (though have been sidetracked from time to time), gardening, herbs, etc, and those are the things she does best. What a wonderful teacher -- and only 5 miles away from me! So amazing, as what I thought was being plopped down in the middle of a wilderness, we were instead placed in a very strategic location.

Today my husband and sons were able to help Paulette with the brochure she is creating for her health center, and tomorrow I go over to her home to learn how to make black walnut salve for my son still under the influence of ringworm. The food coop we order from no longer carries that type of salve, so why not make it ourselves? I would not have known how to do it on my own, but with her knowledge I can learn how. What a wonderful thing Christian community is! And, how important it is to be able to share what we know with others. I hope to some day be able to pass on my knowledge with others as well.

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HomesteadHerbs said...

You can teach me! I'm always willing to learn!!! :-)