Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Times of Fellowship

I can state with certainly that the Country Living Skills Workshop II was a success. Steve (Mountain Fire Keeper) has a real gift for organization as well as teaching, and our friend Paulette definitely has the gift of hospitality. It's not just anyone that can make 40 people feel totally comfortable in their home and not worry about children roaming and causing little messes all over.

The workshops are done in such a way that the information gives something to everyone who attends -- seasoned gardeners to the very beginners (like me). Even though I have heard Paulette talk before about the various herbs and the healing potential within them, it is always such a blessing to hear it again and again. I always learn something new. There was a lady in attendance at the first workshop who had just removed her sons from the public school system and Jim invited her to attend (he is Exec. Director of the ND Home School Assoc.); she must have enjoyed it, as this time she brought along her boyfriend and they seemed to learn a lot. I was so blessed, as they seem eager to learn not only about the practical issues taught, but about the fellowship of the believers. They do not presently know the Lord, but I think it's just a matter of time.

Three families decided to stay overnight at Paulette's, and so later morning our family trooped back over there to visit on Monday (the boys loved the ride, as when we turned onto her gravel road Jim did an almost 360 with the van -- it was a bit on the slippery side!) before everyone headed out. The ladies were interested in making salve, so Paulette decided to go ahead and teach whoever was interested. I'm curious to see how the video turned out, as there certainly was plenty of background noise.

A couple of the guys there were the ones who got our sons interested in playing bluegrass music. Our boys were excited to have the first opportunity in ages to jam with them, and jam they did. Well, Northern Farmer, maybe Mountain Fire Keeper will make a copy of that so you can hear what ND Bluegrass sounds like! Timothy and Jon have finished their homeschooling years, and Tim brought along the beautiful mandolin that he made. I think I heard that he has built a couple others that he has sold, and I know our son Andrew greatly enjoyed having a chance to play some tunes with it. Timothy's brother Isaac and our son Jonathan play banjo, and they enjoy swapping instructional books and videos with each other. Peter had the chance to play along with Jon and his guitar, so there was something for everyone. I am constantly amazed when I watch the interactions of the older boys with the younger, as they patiently answer questions, instruct and encourage the younger ones. I'm so proud of them all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn

Good coverage of the workshop II.
I assume there must have been another.
WE were wondering how it went.

The Boys did a good jom giving their version of the weekend.

Gp B

Northern Farmer said...

Well, one thing for sure, Lord willing, I'll be hearing you folks live someday! I would be interested in listening, that's for sure.

HomesteadHerbs said...

What a wonderful time!! I can't wait to watch the video!!

Emily said...

I just heard from Steven that he's working on the video of Sunday's workshop and I can't wait to get it. You all have such a wealth of information to share. May the Lord's name be glorified as you serve Him!

mybelovedismine said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Yes, I left a comment on your sons blog because my children are not allowed permission to do so yet! They enjoy reading about both your sons adventures and remember how fun it was to live in ND. They miss the cold and the snow the most! Yes, they actually miss the cold! We moved from ND because my family is from Kansas and that is where I grew up and we had a hard time being so far away from them in ND. In the winter it was almost impossible for them to come visit due to the roads and the snow. Keep posting, your blog is a great reminder of the joy of living in ND!