Monday, February 13, 2006

A Great Day of Fellowship

We had a wonderful day yesterday, fellowshipping with our friends Paul and Donna, and their 5 boys. Imagine that! Their 5 boys and our 4 boys made for some pretty interesting activity around here! Of course our boys had to show off our 1970's vintage snowmobiles -- only one seems to run at a time, so they all took turns. It is so much fun to watch all the interaction with everyone ... The oldest was almost 15 and the youngest a year old. The older boys kept watch out for the younger ones outside(minus the baby), giving rides and generally helping everyone to have a good time. I was a bit questioning of what they were doing when they kept coming in and telling us how far they had flown through the air when their sled went over the jump they had made, and at least they all survived with only the twins (4-years-old) knocking their heads together as they were going down the hill.

The adults fellowshipping was just as fun as well. Donna and I had to catch up on everything, and as we had just picked up 10 gallons of milk she taught me how to make cheese (very easy, and tastes good as well) and also brought her Vita Mix to make butter with the cream we had skimmed from the milk. I had told her that I almost ruined my Kitchen Aid mixer by making butter the last time we picked up milk. I think I'm catching on to some country living skills! They also brought their Country Grain Mill to loan us, as my Whispermill died the first fall we lived here. My friend Paulette had been grinding grain for me, and now I can do it myself and bake bread right away, which will be great.

Paul and Donna think the way we do, so it's always a blessing to get together. Singing together and sharing from the Bible are always on the list of what we do, and it's great to see the boys starting to share their thoughts as well. Once again, I marvel at how God is bringing together His people -- even if we have to travel long distances to meet. I thought we were in the middle of nowhere when we first moved here, but we actually have more company now than when we lived in Fargo! We will all be together once again next weekend, when we attend the Country Living Skills Workshop being held at Paulette's next Sunday.


HomesteadHerbs said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! Fellowshipping, learning, playing, singing with likeminded people. Sure sounds like you've got yourself a Godly community!

Lynn said...

We do have some wonderful, Godly friends, and the number is growing by leaps and bounds! Now we have them all over the nation, thanks to how we were led to everyone's blogs.

Emily said...

There's nothing as sweet as fellowship in the Lord with dear friends. We have been disconnected for a while now as we left our church to seek a Reformed body to join and have been suffering for lack of good companionship! These blogs have helped to fill a gap and I agree that I feel as though I have friends across the USA now.