Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's Ahead for the Week

From what I hear, we'll be butchering turkeys this week. A few weeks ago we butchered a bunch -- someone will be baking a 27.6 pound tom for Thanksgiving! It was quite a challenge to fit that turkey into a bag that was intended to hold up to a 25 pound turkey.

More to follow soon (hopefully!).
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Marci said...

How many turkeys did you do this year? Our customers like them fresh instead of frozen, so we butcher the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Twelve down, and 40 more to go. The first batch had to be done because they all ended up to be close to 20 lbs. or more. The batch of 40 are smaller and should weigh about 12-18 lbs. We would like to have them picked up fresh, but our orders come from all over the state & it's not so easy to get them picked up. We've also learned from experience that Thanksgiving week can be VERY COLD up here!

Marie said...

Just reading old posts and this one piqued my interest. We butchered our own turkeys this year; the summer's success with chickens had encouraged us to think this would be more of the same. WRONG! Turkeys were sure a different bird. Although we had no major problems, the whole adventure was our first and last. We'll stick to (and enlarge) our broiler operation. Glad it works for you guys. :)