Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Blessing

Yesterday the boys helped a family clean out the husband's mother's basement. They ended up bringing home a truckload of treasures that otherwise would have been destined for the landfill.

Look at all those jars! The man explained that his mom was a hoarder, and we should dump all the contents because the canned goods dated back to the 1980's. I am thrilled to have more canning jars.

Not only did they bring home the canning jars but we were also given a combination electric/wood cook stove. The electric side no longer works, but with a little elbow grease we could make the wood side usable. The stove would be a welcome addition to the main floor of the house. It's a bit cool up there since we have yet to finish insulating some of the walls.

I've intended on posting some of our recent activities, but canning has gotten in the way. More to come later.
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Wendy O'Neill said...

I was beginning to wonder what had perhaps happened to you...was starting to wonder if you'd canned yourself into a corner! What a bunch of treasure is right! I know of a canning guru that wouldn't hesitate to eat those canned goods; I am not that person! Looking forward to hearing of your canning season experience. What a neat thing to get a wood cooker! It'll make a difference in your temps, right? God bless and keep on keeping on!
Wendy O'Neill

Kelle said...

Lynn, good to hear from you, I too am busy and don't have time to post much. I did post our progress with Mike's shop building, with pictures*wink*

Congrats on those jars, what a blessing indeed. I got many of my jars the same way, it required some emptying and cleaning but still a blessing!

It's cold here, not sure if it's coming your way or not. Today's high was 42F and the wind blew all day so it felt much colder. We've been firing the wood cookstove in the evenings to ward off the chill of evening.

Always glad to see a new post from you, take care and enjoy those jars! :o)

Anonymous said...

What a Treasure!!!

We are rare individuals that see "treasure" in a mass of what most would throw away--and detest the work involved in doing it.

Most of my canning jars were given to me in a similar manner. The rest I've gotten from thrift stores and rummage sales. Sadly, the prices at thrift stores have doubled in the past 2 years. So, that puts them near "new" prices.

So getting these jars and no cost other than some physical labor is such a Blessing!!