Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring in North Dakota

No one is going anywhere in the state tonight.  The solid red lines show where roads are closed or blocked, and the broken red lines show where no travel is advised.  Even the two interstates in ND are closed. 

This storm is supposed to bring us up to 18 inches of snow! 


Northern Farmer said...

Not exactly a tropical paradise over east of you either in Minnesota. It sure is howling out tonight!

Kelle said...

My MIL had to stay in Dickenson after work, because of road closures.

We got 8-10" of snow yesterday and just to the East of us, by about 50 miles they received 26" of heavy, heavy wet snow. Not sure how long this will stick around because it's due to be in the low 50's over the weekend( of course they change the forecast hourly, so much for all the technology they have*sigh*)

PTL your calf is here and hopefully she's doing well.

Blessings, stay warm and think Spring!,

Marci said...

I say move more South!!! :) I am about as far North as I can stand.

The K. Family said...

We were suppose to get the storm but didn't even get a snowflake. Went just south of us a bit. How much did you end up getting?

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Hey nice to see a blog from the Dakotas. I'm down here in South Dakota and though we missed that storm it is dark as heck tonight. I'm sure we will get some. Snowstorms and calving go hand in hand. Nice blog. Reminds me of growing up between Pierre and Chamberlain. We had pigs, chickens, and lots of range cattle.