Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a Girl!

 I guess I should really say, It's a Heifer!

She was born about 4:15 this morning.  It was kind of a long night, but we are very thankful for a healthy calf this time around.  We lost our other cow's first calf last year.

Della the mom is doing very well.  Peter did great in handling the evening's activities, and Della acted like a pro at milking, even though she is a first time mom.  The yet to be named calf is resting comfortably in the barn.

Della is pure Jersey, but before Peter purchased her she was bred to a Red Danish. 

More news later. 


Kelle said...

Wow! Blessed again. God is so... Good. Congrats on your future dairy heifer.

I've never heard of a Red Danish, are they a dairy breed or more of a meat breed?

Praying your sow and piglets are doing well.

How did the legislation turn out?

Continued blessings for your day and week,

Marci said...

Lots of babies there. I loved the pig video. :) I am thrilled you got a little heifer. I am sure you will take good care of her.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Kelle,
Thanks for the congratulations. We are exhausted but happy to have the calf here and that everything went well. I had never heard of
Red Danish before, but they are a breed for milking. We'll see how she does when she's at that stage of life.

Legislative things have been terrible! It seems like the legislature is trying to get us to take major steps backward. Hopefully the troops will rally and do some talking to their legislators -- and soon!

Wendy said...

Can we vote on a name for the little heifer? Can I suggest "Patty", or "Clover", or "Patricia"--St. Patrick's Day, you know! She's a little beauty.

Wendy O.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Thanks, Marci, for your comments. I know you understand how thankful we are that nothing bad happened.

I doubt Peter will name the calf anything Irish since as far as we know there's not a drop of it in our blood. They were joking at lunch today and thought maybe they should name her, Milkah!

luella2897 said...

Hi Lynn! Looks like "spring" is off to a great start at the Bartlett homestead! I love the pics of all the newborns! I would suggest to Peter the name of "Sara",as that is our daughter's name and she has beautiful hair the color of that calf!! I'm sure it would tickle Adam and Valerie to know his calf was named after his sister!! Ha Ha!!! Have you heard that their Azore assignment was cancelled.:( They were VERY dissapointed. Elly from WV