Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mud Season

MUD. We are already having mud season. I suppose things will cool down again, but that means a second mud season when it actually warms up for good this time. What a mess!

The boys have said the car may make it out of the driveway, but not back up. So, the truck will be our mode of transportation until things freeze again.
We have plans to change our driveway a bit, so the entrance begins at a higher spot of ground. Today the man who agreed to do the work stopped by (we were surprised at a knock on the door this afternoon, since we didn't think anyone would chance trying to get up the hill), and said it was too foggy to take measurements. He will come back another day.


Marci said...

It is mud season here as well. Our driveway is bad and needs some help, but it is not on the top of the priority list.

Cora Beth said...

Amazing--your mud looks just like our mud, except this morning, it's all covered by white snow! :)