Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 19th, Jonathan!

There is a lot to write about, but first of all I wanted to tell my #1 son Jonathan -- Happy Birthday!
Birthday brownies for supper! The candles were arranged by David.
All of my earlier photos are still in a friend's closet in Fargo, so photos from our earliest times here in the Turtle Mountains will have to suffice.
In the above photo the boys are showing me how tall they grew just from walking through the mud! David (5), Jonathan (13) and Peter (10).
Jonathan became quite the carpenter, using our house as his first experience with building.

Yum! Grilled raccoon! We all took one bite, agreed it "tasted like chicken," and gave the rest to the dog.

Jonathan and Jim working on the skinning of a raccoon, back in the "good old days."

Jonathan advertising his new blog, "The Poultry Journal." By the way, we are now getting approximately 20 eggs per day!

Jonathan is from a Hebrew word meaning “God gave.” And God gave us a blessing. We love you lots!


Jonathan said...

Thanks, Mom, for the nice words! And I do believe that some of us took more than one bite out of that raccoon. :-)

Cora Beth said...

"Happy birthday" to Jonathan!

What a nice post, Mrs. Bartlett, and what great pictures too! I especially like the one where he's holding the chicken. :)

The Krahns said...

Happy birthday, Jonathan!

Anonymous said...

My My -- How time flies by.

5 years and look at all you all have accomplished!!!.

Happy birthday Jonathan.

Hope the next 5 brings you much success.

We love you.

Gp & Gm B

Homestead Herbs said...

Please wish Jonathan a happy belated birthday!

Looks like I'm coming up to Stanley/Minot, ND in May. If I can plan my trip to coincide with a weekend, I'd love to visit with y'all.

Kelle said...

Jonathan, Happy Belated Birthday! Praying your special day was filled with many blessings.

Tracy said...

Was his birthday the 25th or 26th? My birthday is also the 25th - and we have an absolutely beautiful day for it. My daughter and other son came home from college supper for that night; and we had a beautiful sunny warm day.

Happy Birthday to Jonathan! Now I'm off to go read his poultry blog...

Lynn Bartlett said...

Christine-- you are welcome any time1 Paulette said the same thing. Hope you can make it. I'm sorry I haven't been good at keeping in touch.

Tracy, Jonathan's birthday is the 26th of March. We had a special supper time with him as well. It's so amazing to me that he is now an adult!