Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still Waiting ...

There really hasn't been much to write about lately.

I suppose I could tell you that I'm still dehydrating onions as I have time, still have to process pumpkins.

Still making and canning raspberry jam (I had to freeze berries during the season since I didn't have time when they were fresh off the bushes).

Still trying to get organized.

Still waiting for a sawmill in Bemidji, MN to let us know when our pine boards for siding our house are ready.

Still waiting for my washing machine to be repaired.

Still waiting for snow (thankfully).

We have managed to get some things done, while waiting.

The boys traveled to some friends' farm to help them reconstruct a large barn that had been dismantled at another farmstead.
David had fun doing odd jobs at the work site.
Tin siding was added after the framework was in place.
Those ladders look a bit tall for me!
What do you do when ice on the lake is frozen with only a dusting of snow on top? Go skating! Peter was doing quite well.

David was a bit rusty, but soon got the hang of it.

Even Samson went skating.

And away he goes ... The white blurb in the upper middle of the photo is our house.

And yes, we are still waiting to find a home for Henry.
One event we don't have to wait for is Jim's 50th birthday. We celebrated his big day yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Great blog Lynn.

For "not much to write about" I found it interesting.

You should write a book. Sarah did.

The only difference is she had to quit her day job to do it.

Gp B

Kimberly said...

I, too, enjoyed your blog. The kitten is very cute! We are a one cat, neutered male, farm. He takes care of all the mice, rats, and weasels for us.