Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still Here

Another quick post to say we're still here, but I've been a bit too busy to get anything on this blog. My tomatoes are finally canned, my last bit of lard is rendering in the oven, and now it's just onion dehydrating and pumpkins to cook and freeze. Pretty soon I can turn my thoughts to other activities around here -- such as patching jeans.

Our kitten named Henry continues to be a source of entertainment. Our oldest cat named Funny Face lost her kittens, and after a bit of encouragement has attached herself to Henry. She is actually Henry's grandmother, but cheerfully allows him to nurse and spends quite a bit of time cleaning him up. Of course it always goes into a wrestling match.

David has a lot of fun with Henry as well. David is also blessed to sleep on the top bunk. Andrew sleeps on the bottom bunk, and sometimes in the middle of the night is awakened to Henry chewing on his ear or curling himself around his neck. I've experienced it myself, and I'd rather be sleeping!

The days are very nice -- usually in the upper 40's or low 50's -- so Henry is sent outside to check out a larger world. The nights are usually in the 20's and by now Henry is quite spoiled, so he gratefully sleeps inside. I am still hoping someone will decide to take him off our hands, and soon. Jim can tolerate a kitten in the house, but larger cats cause him to wheeze and sneeze. In other words, he is allergic to them. If someone doesn't take him soon he will have to take up residence in the barn. We have someone possibly interested, and will find out over Thanksgiving if they want him.

The sunrises have been beautiful lately. Someone commented yesterday that the sun doesn't show up until at least 8:10 in the morning. The boys and I have to sit on the far side of the kitchen table to avoid having sun in our eyes as they do their school work.

The sunsets aren't bad, either.


Marci said...

We had a kitten show up here. We have no idea where it came from. Our male cat is tolerating it. However, we want to catch it and find it a new home as well. It is not tame at all.

Kelle said...

Love your kitten, Henry. We've been enjoying the antics of our animals, now that time is slowing down a bit for us. We've actually been taking it easy the last few weekends and it is so..... nice.

I'm still working on carrots; dehydrating, canning, grating for the freezer and pickling.

I've never tried to dehydrate onions, because of the smell, but we do love carmelized onions and french onion soup in the winter.

Glad to see you're making progress,and just so you know we missed ya!
Blessings and happy patching jeans, we are darning socks and cutting old shirts, jeans and whatnot into fabric scraps, for that scrap quilt I plan to make someday.......*wink*
Have a restful weekend. We're butchering 5 turkeys and a mean rooster on Sat.

Anonymous said...

Who could say no to Henry. He sure has attached himself to everybody. He likes to sleep in the oddest places.

Great picture of him too.

Gp B

Andrew B. said...

I like the sun pictures! Good work. :-)

Andrew B.