Thursday, October 08, 2009

Keeping Busy

We are badly in need of organization in this house. I mentioned to Jim that we could take out a small folding table we had in the bathroom/laundry area, and place shelving from floor to ceiling in there instead.

Jim turned the project over to Andrew. He measured, calculated how much lumber would be needed, and gave all the details to Jim before he took a trip to Menard's.

I think it only took Andrew two days to build my shelving. It's one of those practical homeschooling projects.

Peter and Jim carrying the shelving unit into the basement.

Jonathan and Peter installing the unit between the washer and dryer -- it fit perfectly! Thank you, Andrew! Now to find time to do some organizing!

Here is David, busy doing his math. Of course, Funny Face had to help him out a bit.

Jonathan finished his high school requirements, but is now doing college at home via the Biblical Concourse of Home Universities.

Peter, getting a bit of help from Dad with his chemistry studies.

Andrew, taking time out from working in the wood shop to do his math.

A kitty to cuddle with makes doing math a whole lot more fun.

Here was one of those "story problems": How to get onto the roof of our house. The guys figured they could make the ladder reach to the roof if they loaded the picnic table onto the bed of the truck, and then bring out the ladder. It worked. Peter is steadying the ladder for Jim.

I'm sure glad it was Jim and not me that climbed the ladder! the tricky part was then climbing onto the roof.

A bolt or something had fallen off the pipe for our wood stove, so Jim went up there to repair it. I was thankful it didn't take very long, and he was soon off the roof.

That's a long way up! I was so thankful last year when the pipe was extended, as we no longer have back drafts of exhaust smoke into the house when the wood stove is going.

We awoke to threatening skies this morning. It definitely looked like snow.

Andrew and David used Andrew's jeep and trailer to haul tomatoes from the shop to the basement. We thought we could store them in the shop until they ripened, but last night the temperature in there plummeted to 32 degrees so we had to get them out of there. It was sunny at the moment, but not for long.

As soon as Andrew turned his jeep around the clouds covered the sun -- and it started snowing.

My flowers didn't even have time to turn brown before the snow came. Hopefully it will warm up again before the snow stays for the winter.

Samson didn't think too much of the snow, either.


Hannah said...

Nice pictures!! It's neat to see what your daily life is like. :-) Hopefully it won't snow again until it's really winter!

Kimberly said...

We, too, are bracing for some snow starting today. My husband and son dug the rest of our potatoes and carrots yesterday. We are hoping we will yet get our fall tilling done. Love the pictures. We burn wood for heat, too. The picture of your son doing math with his kitty is so precious.

Marci said...

I love your shelves. He did a great job. Shelves are our friends. :)