Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harvesting in the Snow

Yesterday wasn't a very nice day outside, due to a lot of blowing snow and occasional blizzard conditions. Then all of a sudden the winds would calm down and the sun would come out. Then it would turn again to blizzard conditions.

We were caught off guard with our carrots and potatoes still in the ground, so blizzard or not, they had to come out. It was a cold, wet, muddy job, but the guys did a good job. Hopefully the carrots will stay nice the entire winter. They were very firm and sweet this year.

The guys had an active audience as well!

Andrew looked like he was having a nice time, in spite of the turn in weather.

Then today it was time to dig potatoes.

David and I had a very active night, as he experienced a lot of nausea and vomiting. I don't think either one of us had much sleep. We stayed in the house and kept busy with games and other diversions while the rest dug potatoes.

David's cat Funny Face tried her best to keep him comforted during our game of Mexican Train. Funny Face had kittens a couple of weeks ago but has them hidden under our semi trailer. She still comes in to eat and then goes back outside to check on her bunch.

Here is one of the potato men. One boy commented that if Jim had on a different pair of glasses he would look just like Grandpa Bartlett in this photo!

Jonathan and Peter are digging in and getting those potatoes! They are very firm and nice this year. We had mashed potatoes for supper -- our favorite way to serve them.

Kind of a gloomy photo of the house. Hopefully the sun will shine again soon.

Here is what's left of my flowers. I didn't even get seeds from them this year.


Marci said...

Wow, what a cold job digging those veggies. I am glad they did well for you this year!!!

Kimberly said...

My son, Daniel, was disappointed that we didn't get much snow. He was hoping for 3 inches. Ours pretty much disappeared as it fell which is just fine with me!