Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Starting Seeds

We still have drifts and banks like this on our farmstead, and it's a bit tough to think about starting seeds.

Below is a photo looking down towards the end of our driveway:

However, we did start seeds last Saturday. I think the boys planted tomatoes, onions, green pepper, and I can't remember what else. We'll do more in a month. We'll keep them here until the seeds germinate, and then bring them over to a friend's place that has some very wonderful southern exposure windows. I look forward to the day we can do seeds from start to finish over here, but at the moment we don't have windows that are helpful for that purpose.

Jonathan has just completed his first flat of seedlings, and Jim in the background is managing the process by entering the information on his spreadsheet. (I was busy making bread!)

On Sunday we had a surprise visit from our friend Steve Schadler (Mountain Fire Keeper). He had just been to Fargo and purchased vegetable and flower seeds in bulk, and offered some to us. We spent a fun afternoon getting excited about gardening as we decided what and how much to purchase from Steve. He does a good job of showing up when we need a bit of a boost in getting going and also answering questions for us. I guess he will be coming back for the summer to finish up landscaping projects he has committed to doing here in the hills, and we look forward to having more times of fellowship with him.

I just heard yesterday that someone is predicting a cold, wet summer for us, and that is not what I wanted to hear. We'll see what happens.

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Marci said...

I am glad you got some company. :) I am not sure whether to start seeds or not. I pray and hope we are moving sooner rather than later. :)