Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad Day for Fargo, ND

This is the latest news article from the Fargo newspaper (

FLOOD UPDATE: Red River broke crest of 1997 flood at 7 p.m. tonight.
By: Patrick Springer, INFORUM

The Red River in Fargo-Moorhead now has reached 39.61 feet, edging past the 1997 crest of 39.57 feet.

That level was recorded at 7:15 p.m., the latest available.

Earlier today the National Weather Service revised its upper crest from 41 to 42 feet, with 43 feet possible, by Saturday.

The highest flood on record, in 1897, is 40.1 feet. The Red River in the metro area is expected to reach that milestone around midnight tonight.

"You're in uncharted territory, I guess," National Weather Service meteorologist John Hoppes said.

We started receiving emails shortly after the news broke. Here is one:

The National Weather Service just issued a warning that the flood crest may go up an additional 1 to 2 feet!

I don't think they can hold this one---I'm heading for Bismarck.

Pray for the people of this region!

And another:

We can see the Red River coming from the east and the over land flooding from the west. With the new expected crest levels of 42-43 feet we have decided to send the women and children to higher ground. ___ and the children will go to ___'s parent's place in Mandan. They have already left. ____ is taking me to our dear friends, the ___'s. The men will return tonight to do what they can.

Please pray that we will be calm of spirit and that we will continue to place our complete trust in our dear Lord Jesus. It is likely that you will not hear from me for awhile. We appreciate your prayers and feel free to forward this email to others. Even so...we love you Lord Jesus and trust You to care for you little lambs.

With kind regards,

And one more:

Subject: Update

We just got the word they're now predicting a 42 foot crest. Since it's changed every day this week, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes higher. They're also saying the river is going to stay there for several days so the chance of a breach(es) is very high. 41 was my cut-off so I'm leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow. I just walked around the block and it's like a ghost town around here. My 91 year old neighbor left this afternoon, which was a huge relief. I really didn't want to go until I knew he would be safe. There aren't many people left on the block, it's very eerie. I'd go tonight but the roads are so bad because of all the snow we've had and it's still coming down.

____, I'm going to turn off the water and power before I leave. ____, I'm going to call you before I leave tomorrow so you can tell me what you want me to do at ____'s.

I'll be in Minneapolis (hopefully I can get there!) at my friend ____'s. My cell is ______, hers is _____.

____, let me know if they're sending ____ to Minneapolis. I talked to ____ and she'll be at the hospital if and when she gets there.

It seems so weird to be sending this message, I'm so sorry I won't be able to stay and watch the houses.

I'll e-mail you from ____'s when I get there. I'm going to disconnect my hard drive now.

It's heart breaking. Please continue to pray for the area.

Another news article:

EVACUATION NOTICE: Moorhead residents between I-94 and 50th Avenue, west of 8th Street, directed to evacuate to higher ground

By: Dave Olson, INFORUM

MOORHEADMoorhead officials are directing that all residents who live between Interstate 94 and 50th Avenue South west of Eight Street to evacuate the area immediately.

Residents are being told to seek shelter with family or friends outside of the flood zone to conserve emergency resources.

A Red Cross public shelter is available at Moorhead High School, 2300 4th Ave. S.

Bring your identification and a seven- to 10-day supply of medications.

Bring baby supplies if you have an infant.

Pets will not be accepted at the Red Cross shelter. Animal shelter may be available at the Doggy Depot (3224 8th Street South, 218-236-DOGS) and the Mutt Hut (1214 Main Avenue, 218-236-9935).

Call ahead; please bring your animal’s food and health records. Pet shelter space is extremely limited, so please try to make accommodations with family or friends outside of the flood zone.

Once you are at a safe location, call (218) 477-4747 to register your home’s address and temporary location so emergency personnel and your family and friends can know you are safe and how to reach you.

If you need assistance with relocation, please call the relocation hotline (218) 477-4747.

If your family needs special assistance with relocation, you may also contact the Clay County Emergency Operations Center at 299-7768.


Tracy said...

Many prayers! I have been amazed when talking with friends around here how many are unaware of how bad it is getting up there with the floods; and that they didn't realize that could happen in North Dakota. That state just doesn't make major news that often. I have asked many to pray for the people being dislocated at this time.

Marci said...

Wow, this is so sad. I'm glad people are getting out though. I will pray.