Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thoughts on 2007/2008

I can hardly believe that 2008 has begun, and we've already been living up here for over 3 years. So much has happened, and it's been a lot of things that I could have never expected.

December ended with a flurry of activity; not in Christmas activities, but in preparation for the state's homeschool convention and then in helping another ministry prepare for their yearly fund raiser. Our annual newsletter is yet to be written, thank you's sent, pigs butchered, and more. Jim and the boys are over at a friend's for the afternoon/evening, sliding and visiting with others. I asked if I could stay home, as I feel quite worn out from everything that has been going on. I've had a tendency most of my life of filling my days with many things, then all of a sudden feeling the need to pull back and rest -- not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. Those times of rest are few and far in between, especially after marrying and having 4 boys. And those time are even fewer now, since it seems our life this past year has been exceptionally busy.

Farm life has the potential to really wear a person out, and I am learning that I need to pace myself and not try to do everything that I want to accomplish in one day. I have read Northern Farmer's blog,
where he states matter of factly that farm work never ends, and what you don't accomplish one day will be waiting for you the next. My personality tends to be more like Martha, when I need to be more like Mary. My desire for 2008 is to learn to be more like Mary, learning to sit at the feet of Jesus to receive direction instead of rushing to and fro, trying to do everything and yet getting nothing done. (At least it seems that way!)

Looking back to our first few months living in the Turtle Mountains, I am amazed at how much we have learned about homesteading and farm operations. I had been agreeable and then anxious to move to the country, but had way too many romantic notions about what it would actually be like. Don't subscribe to magazines like Country Woman if you want to homestead! We moved to land that had no improvements (other than a tractor path to get into the property), and yet I was constantly upset at how hard it was to clean filthy clothes and keep the dirt out of the basement we later moved into after it was barely inhabitable. I must admit my attitude at times -- more than I want to remember, actually -- was terrible, but through the grace of God I made it, and certainly hope I will never have to go around that mountain again.

I have a feeling that 2008 will be another year of challenges and blessings, and it's my desire to travel through this year with the Lord's bigger picture in mind for me and also our family.


RL said...

Happy New Year Lynn and family!

Anonymous said...

Good recap Lynn.

Its not easy being a farm Wife/Mom. Or at least thats my observation over the years. Never was one myself :).

You've got to insist for time out for your self. And make sure the rest of the family knows when it is. And that they respect it. When you get your own room with 4 walls and a door, with a lock if necessary, it should be easier to hide.

We all think you are doing great. But we agree you try to do to much.

Thats my 2cents worth.

Gp B

Lynn Bartlett said...

Happy New Year to you and your family as well, Russ! We enjoyed learning more about your family through Steve, when he visited us for the evening a couple of days ago.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Gp B,
Thanks so much for being my cheerleader through all these years ... At times I've needed all the encouragement I could get!

Carolj said...

Happy New Year to the Bartletts!

What's New with the Halls said...

Lynn, I totally know what you mean about learning to be more like a Mary, rather than a Martha! Especially with a new baby - I am finding way less time to get things done - which has resulted in less time at the feet of Jesus. So thank you for that important reminder of what REALLY is important! Happy New Year to you all! Missing you!