Tuesday, January 08, 2008

National Geographic Does Great Advertising

Our family was amused with an article recently published by the National Geographic. The article is entitled, The Emptied Prairie.

According to this very depressing article, North Dakota is a terrible place to live. If that's the case, why does our family love it so much?

Neither Jim or I were raised here, yet when we felt led to move to the country, the first state we really investigated was North Dakota. I hope to start up again with the account of our move to the Turtle Mountains, and hopefully you will see that it truly isn't as bad of a state as National Geographic paints it to be.


Marci said...

Why would anyone listen to them anyway? They teach evolution. =)

Northern Farmer said...

Personally I love North Dakota. If I wasn't farming and living here in Minnesota I'd be over there right now. There's a beauty in that state that has always got to me. Might not be what the mainstream figures is right, but I always felt at home everywhere in the state.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, I believe ya all would love it where ever ya were. It is not about where ya are but about where your at. (if ya get my meaning).

Southrn Manitoba and North Dakota have alot in common (cept ya got the Bad Lands). I always make jokes about why my ancestors homesteaded here (must of been drunk or something) but the truth is I'm not tied here. I wouldn't admit this to anyone but I think I love Manitoba. Please don't tell anyone.


Anonymous said...

Those of us raised in this great state would probably agree: it hasn't been cold enough to keep ALL of the riff-raff out,which explains how National Geographic was able to infiltrate!haha! Seriously though, many of the liberal minded folks aren't going to get it. They don't make the connection with how much of the food they eat ends up at their tables. Our state isn't "metropolitan" enough for many but, hey, the food has to be grown somewhere. What better place than here? What a blessing to be a resident of ND! Also, glad to have the Bartlett's here. Thanks for all of your work in the NDHSA. God bless you all bigtime!

Shauna in Ohio said...

I left ND three and a half years ago, and would love more than anything to go back! Nice people, beautiful places. I'm so homesick!