Thursday, November 22, 2007

More of the Week's Activities

Last Sunday the former Turtle Mountain Boys (we have to change the name since we discovered there is another group by that name in the area) played at Bottineau's nursing home. They did a very good job of mingling with the crowd, and enjoyed talking with a lady that spoke Norwegian, a man from whom we purchased canning jars, and others.
David (8) was our resident photographer and sat on the nursing home's piano bench, so we had kind of a side view of the concert. We are still trying to convince David to join the band, but he would rather be a groupie with me. Our time of doing nothing during concerts will soon come to an end, as our small sound system should arrive in time for the revival meeting they were asked to play for next weekend.
The Kenneys arrived the next day, and the fun began! The garden tractor and trailer was given to Andrew, and he has been able to fix it up enough to use it. However, at this point the thing died and had to be towed back to the yard.
Grandpa Bartlett's potato cannon was a big hit with the Kenney kids, and it was now time to show the dads how well it worked. Those potatoes sure could fly!No matter what was going on, Samson (our dog) was never far behind.
Lori Kenney and I had time to sample some great coffee at Metigoshe Ministries. This is where their family stayed while visiting, and where we stayed for a couple of months when we were working on our basement.
We miss you, Kenneys! Thanks for blessing us with your presence! We had wonderful fellowship in the Lord. Hopefully the next time you come our way we'll have room for you to stay with us!


Farmer Blu's Wife said...

Oh Lynn, I am so glad you had a good time with them. I am always thrilled to hear that you got some good woman company. =) I know how good that feels. I can't believe that one girl has bare feet. Tell her makes me cold and to put some slippers on. =)

Goodolboy said...

Hey Lynn, I protest, No Turtle Mountain Boys. No fair. They should have a play off. Dueling bands. Winner gets to keep the name. That would show em. Love the pics. Makes the blog more personal.


Lynn Bartlett said...

Marci, we did have a great time. We've been friends for ages, and our kids have grown up together. I can't stand going barefoot in winter, either!

Guy, it would be a bit tough to have a "play off" with the first Turtle Mountain Boys. Jim and the boys played for 400 bicycle riders at an event at Metigoshe State Park last summer, and when the bikers continued on their way found a CD by the Turtle Mountain Boys. There was a bit of a protest afterwards, since the members of that group are Native Americans!