Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Cooling Down

Andrew took some photos for me to share with you. Last spring we were given some ducks and geese when we bought goats, and they have been roaming freely all summer. In this photo, they are walking on the ice that formed on the lake in the past couple of days. They did manage to make a hole in the ice, and still have their own place to get wet.
We had a dilemma when the chicken coop area in half the goat barn was too small for all of our chickens. All of the chickens the boys purchased this spring are capable of laying eggs for us, so we hated to butcher the extras that were still living in a portable chicken pen. The boys decided to utilize our hoop house for a temporary shelter for them for the winter. We purchased a very durable tarp, and Jonathan and Peter devised a chicken coop with one half of the hoop house.
The area is lined with straw bales, and the ground is also covered with straw.
The chickens seem nice and toasty warm in there.
The little building to the right has become our garden shed; it was originally the outhouse that Grandpa Bartlett built for me when they were visiting the first fall we lived up here. In the next photo in the background you will see what our house looks like for the winter. Hopefully next year we will be able to get some siding on that house wrap. The windows are temporary ones that were given to us, and provide us with light so we can see what we are doing in there! Jim is working on the wiring, but the only electricity we have up there is through the use of extension cords.


RL said...

Hello Lynn,

That’s a great picture of the ducks and geese walking on the ice.

Looks like those chickens will have a nice winter home there in that hoop structure.

Speaking of electric cords, I’m a little embarrassed to say that we are still using extension cords for many of our electrical needs after more than 9 years now. We live an a converted garage.

Regarding your post below, about the homemade bread. Our oldest daughter is the bread maker in our family. Sure is a great treat, especially this time of year when I come back in from the cold and smell that fresh baked bread right out of the oven. It’s amazing how quick we can polish off a fresh loaf.


Marci said...

Wow, you already have ice on your water. Do you think the tarp will hold up with the wind ya'll get up there? I sure hope so. Your house looks great.