Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our Bountiful Blessing -- Corn

Back to our corn story:

This is what the boys helped me do on Thursday night: husking and preparing corn for freezing. I think Jonathan said we processed 20 dozen ears, which gave us approximately 48 cups for freezing.

Now that's a lot of corn! We are so thankful to the Lord for the bounty He has given us. Last night was our first major rainfall of the summer, and I think the rain gauge told us we received about an inch of rain. Just imagine what our gardens will do, now that they received some much needed rain.

Andrew brought in this triple ear of corn; it had apparently grown together on the stalk.

Peter painted this very nice plaque for us. Now we need to find a prominent place to display it.


Marci said...

You corn looks great. We need to pick ours yet. We picked a few to eat and to share. We won't have near as much as y'all do.

Great sign Peter. You are quite the painter.

JM said...

What a blessing! An abundant harvest! May the Lord continue to grant you the energy and perseverance to finish strong! As tiring as it is now, you will reap the benefits this winter. Our oldest keeps reminding herself of the "Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls to keep her going. She says, "You just never know. Maybe this is all we'll have to eat. I keep remembering 'The Long Winter'."


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn and family!

I sure enjoy seeing your pictures of your harvest. Are you picking from the second corn patch yet?

You ready to believe me yet when I said "pickup loads"?

May God continue to bless all your family's efforts!