Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Checking In

Life has been going by too quickly lately to post or read blogs. I have been canning, canning and canning some more; Jim and the boys have been working hard at framing in the main floor of our house. Yesterday we had friends over in the afternoon to help raise the 2 longest walls! The first section was really scary, as it began slipping out from the bottom. We were able to correct that, get it in place, and then call for reinforcements. The next section went up much easier, with more help and ropes to help with the very top. These walls are 2 stories high, as we are making a loft as well. By suppertime we were pros at getting up the walls. We are so thankful for all the help we had.

Now Jim has gotten to work on the final 2 walls. I'd sure appreciate your prayers, as tomorrow there are supposed to be 20-30 mph winds -- not what we want when the trusses are yet to be installed. That won't happen for a little over a week.

Just thought I would update you on all of our doings. We will post some photos as we are able.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn

What great frends you have out there.\

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn!

How are the walls holding up in the strong wind today? Seems like we braced them really well.

Too windy to thresh the last of the wheat so I spent the day playing in the dirt.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!

BonnieJ said...

Hey, maybe we'll see you guys soon :D

Lynn said...

Hey, Bonnie J -- Maybe you can take one of our kittens along on your trip after you visit us! Hope we see you soon!

HomesteadHerbs said...

So how many cans of food do you have? Tell me again how you're storing it?

HomesteadHerbs said...

I didn't read the rest of the post before I sent the previous comment!! :-)

You're building! Hurrah!!! I'm sure you're excited! Hopefully the winds didn't cause any havock. We'd love photos!! I'm so excited for you!