Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Joke's on Me

I was happily telling others that we had 4 male cats -- I didn't want to deal with kittens! Well, today we discovered that our youngest cat is a female; not only that, but she is pregnant! I guess it will be a learning experience for all of us, and the joke's on me!


Marci said...

It is VERY hard to tell a male from a female when a cat is little. I have to hold 2 side by side until I get 2 that are different and then I can tell!!

We had people who lived on our property in an apartment we have. Their goats had babies around the same time ours did. All of the babies looked alike. They all had the same coloring except for one. When we took the bucklings to the sale barn, the children all helped me gather goats. We left the lone doeling here. A couple of months later, we were out in the garden working. My husband looked up and over at the goat pasture. The doeling was facing away from us. He burst out laughing and said THAT is NOT a doeling. Sure enough, one look was all it took. My son started cracking up and calling the goat (Magnolia had been HER name)in a very bass voice. So, someone at the sale barn got a very nice French Alpine doeling. Joke was on me! I learned to not trust someone else's children to get the right goats. =)

Lynn said...

Thanks for the comment, Marci! I guess we will be more careful next time!

Emily said...

Hi Lynn! I agree about the lack of distinctions between male and female kittens. We once had a beautiful male named....Annabelle! Didn't seem to bother him any!