Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Activities

Back in Fargo we lived across the street from the university, and every year about this time all the North Dakota kids involved in Future Farmers of America (FFA) would gather for a week's convention. We used to sit outside and watch them as they waited for their group photos to be taken. Well, this is our rendition of the FFA, only our letters stand for the Future Fathers of America! The local drive- in had free sundaes for dads, so we took Jim up there and of course the rest of us had ice cream cones.

In the background you can see Lake Metigoshe, the big recreational lake in our area. Thankfully we live 2 miles from there, so we are away from all the vacationers and their activities.

After eating our ice cream in the rain (yes, it finally rained!), we took a drive around the lake. Just for the fun of it, we drove up to the Canadian border (2 miles north), and this is what we saw:
That is all there is to the border -- no fence or barriers of any sort. The road just ends, and then you are touching Canada.

I wanted to show you another one of our "once in a lifetime" activities up here -- mud sliding! The boys decided they would take the garden hose and run water down the hill to make a slippery, muddy slide. What they didn't realize was that not only was there mud to slide on, but quite a few rocks as well. I now have lots of denim for patching other pairs of jeans.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a nice fathers day even in the rain.

Bet boys are happy not to have to water garden for a few days.

I noticed Davids Ice Cream cone looks bigger, or is he just a slow eater?

Tell him if I was there I could make that cone disappear pretty fast.

Good blogg Lynn Thanks

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn!

Interesting post!

I wanna free Father's Day ice cream cone. Now, I gotta waite til next year.

Isn't country life wonderful!!??

Only you would think to take a pic of muddy, wore thru blue jeans and post the pic. I mean that in a good way! ---smile----

Good thing you have a functioning washing machine again.

Best wishes and may God bless!

Lynn said...

Hi Grandpa B, David just likes to savor his ice cream -- and let it drip down the sides! You'll have to show him how to properly eat ice cream when you get here!

Steve -- You can come and get ice cream from us any time -- at least when it's on sale in town! Last summer it was "a good deal," so Jim came home with five 5 quart pails! Of course, that doesn't last long around here!

Marci said...

Hee hee, I bet sliding down that mud not only causes patching to be done, but maybe a bit of a sore behind?

Our son was sledding down our pasture hill. He would take the goats on the sled with him. It was a plastic sled with shallow sides. The goats loved it and would fight over getting on. On one of his trips down, he hit what he thought was a huge rock and it split the sled open and really hurt his hind end. It ended up it was a frozen cow pile. =)