Saturday, April 23, 2011

Living on an Island

Check out Andrew's blog to see why we just about need a boat to get off our land!

Our road also goes back up onto a state highway in another direction, but there is water over the road in 2 spots and another culvert that is sinking.  We've had so much precipitation this year that many roads in the county are deteriorating.  Overland flooding has been a major problem in the state.

Today is a sunny day, but the day before yesterday we had more snow.   Yesterday was cold and cloudy.

This photo was taken on Thursday the 21st. 

I should have planted some spring flowers last fall ... We sure could use some color around here!


Wendy said...

In the words of my German grandma, "Oy, oy, oy..."! Water, water everywhere, and not a dry spot to be found. Hope the weather will let up now so the plants can peek through. I imagine, though, you can find plenty of weeds up and around. We had more rain, snow, then rain again yesterday and the day before that. Then today, sun!

Happy Easter to all of the Bartlett's; He is risen!

Wendy O'Neill

Kelle said...

Oh, as if all the snow isn't enough to deal with now flooding and washed out roads. You at some point WILL see Spring Lynn! My MIL is saying the same things and she's farther down south in Lefor, she said people are suffering( she's a RN at a local clinic) from season depression much, much worse this winter than she remembers in the last 6-7 winters.
I certainly can atest to the fact that everyone in our area is so sick of grey cold days, bring on some sunshine; PLEASE *wink* I will say that yesterday was absolutley beautiful, especially since most Easter's are snowy/ rainy and cold.
I got my onions and salad greens in planted in the garden and hope to get our potatoes in sometime this week, although it's forecasted to be rainy all week, so we'll see*sigh*

Hang in there, sorry your winter keeps dragging on and on.