Saturday, January 15, 2011

Small Town Traditions

I should have posted this before Christmas ...

We went through town on our way to Jonathan's surgery, and I was finally able to take a photo of the city's Christmas tree. 

Every year a big evergreen is set up in the middle of one of the city's intersections.   As long as the tree is up, there's no left turns at this intersection.  You kind of have to swoop around it when you drive down Main Street.  Some day I hope to see it at night, with the lights all lit up.

I need to ask someone how many years they've carried on this tradition.

Whenever there's something going on in the surrounding area there's a sign to announce the event stuck into a tire and placed in the middle of the intersection where the tree stands during the Christmas season.   You can't miss it. 

Only in a small town would you see things like these.  I kind of like it.

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Marci said...

Love it!!!