Thursday, December 02, 2010

An Early Morning Encounter

About 4:00 this morning our dog Samson placed his front paws on our bed and wanted attention.  I scratched his ears and told him to get down.  He then proceeded to make some soft barking noises deep in his throat.  I was glad when he quit, because then I didn't have to get up to let him out.  It's been very cold at night and I've spoiled him by letting him stay inside on those types of nights.  Besides, the cats have taken over his dog house.  I wouldn't want to stick my head into a dog house filled with cats ready to scratch and bite, either.

All of a sudden I heard the yipping of coyotes -- just on the other side of the wall!  I woke up Jim, who hadn't heard anything, and jumped out of bed.   At the same time, Jonathan came running out of the bedroom area with a gun in his hands.  By this time, everyone but Andrew was up.  I guess he too was awake, but his bed felt too cozy to climb out.

Jonathan quickly threw on his boots and placed a head lamp on his head, and went outdoors to see what he could see.

The next thing we heard was a shot.

By then we were all anxiously waiting at the door to hear about what he saw.

Jonathan came back in and explained that apparently Samson had dragged a deer hide by the side of the house and that was what the coyotes were feasting on.  As he walked out of the house the coyotes ran to a trail leading into the woods.  He managed to get off one shot but missed them as they took off.  Jonathan said he could see the glow from their eyes as they would turn to look back at him as they ran away. 

We all went back to bed, but I never did go back to sleep.  Peter was up at his usual 5:15 to get ready to milk, and we all got up to do our usual chores.

At daylight the guys checked the area and found coyote tracks all over the place in the snow -- near the pigs, by the barn, and even right in front of the door to the basement.  The cats must have been terrified, since the coyotes were also right by the dog house as well.  I suppose if I would have had Samson outside he could have deterred them from coming this close to the house, but I sure would have hated to have had him tangle with those mangy creatures. 

I sure hope we don't have another visit tonight.


Marci said...

Wow, I am glad they did not get anything but a deer hide.

Kimberly said...

They are nasty creatures. I wouldn't want to hear them that close to the house.

Tracy said...

We had a similar situation this weekend -- I went out to get another armload of firewood and heard coyotes very very close. So I let out our Anatolian Shepherd to go run them off. She streaked out in the right direction to give the coyotes what-for! However, when she finally returned an hour or so later, she reeked of skunk! LOL