Sunday, May 02, 2010

Time to Visit Family

Jonathan, David and I left April 2 on a trip to visit my family in northern Minnesota. Our farm has gotten to the point where it isn't possible for just Jim to handle all the chores, so Andrew and Peter had to stay behind to help out. Hopefully they can make a trip with me in the fall to visit Grandpa and Grandma W and the rest of my family.

We left in the middle of a mini snowstorm, and didn't drive out of it until we crossed into Minnesota.
Andrew had to give us a push or two to get the car going, since the frost was already coming out of the ground and everything was wet and very muddy.

David and Jonathan challenged Grandpa W to quite a few games of Double Solitaire. This time my older brother Mike played along as well.

My younger brother Mark and my niece Sarah's husband Scott took the boys to the local gun club to shoot a few rounds.

I'm not sure of just what they were doing, but I know they had a great time.

On Easter Sunday we had a dinner with some of the family. This is a photo of my Mom with her great-granddaughter, Maddie.

Grandpa Mike holding my niece Katie's daughter, Norah. Maddie is Katie and Brandon's daughter as well.

Meanwhile, down in Mike's basement the boys were learning how to play Wii baseball. We've never seen the game before, and David especially enjoyed the challenge. They also attempted bowling.

David, Grandma and Jonathan enjoying some together time. It's tough to live so far away from family.

One day while we were in MN we took a trip over the border to Wisconsin. Our main goal was to pick up some construction items at Menard's, but we managed to find some other interesting stores to visit as well.

It was a very beautiful day, and I enjoyed taking in views of Lake Superior.

David took a photo of the evergreen trees across from my folks' house just as the sun was breaking through the clouds and getting ready to set for the night. That is one aspect of MN that I miss -- the evergreens.

This is a photo of the sun setting from the west side of my folks' house. When I was growing up this area was just a big field, and I remember playing lots of games of kickball with the other kids in the neighborhood. Now there are three rows of houses back there and then comes the town's elementary school.

Jonathan and Grandpa had lots of great talks together.

Time to finish packing ...

Saying goodbye is hard to do.

We love you, Grandpa and Grandma, and look forward to the next time we see you!


Kimberly said...

How precious that time with family is. So glad you were able to get away and visit. We traveled up Lake Superior from Duluth to Grand Marais three summers ago. It was beautiful and I want to go back. I can understand a MN girl missing all those trees!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn,
What a wonderful post! I know what you mean about not being able to get away as a whole family because of the animals--it gets old sometimes.
Glad that you could visit your childhood home--mine is getting sold next month.
I hope that you're enjoying Spring.