Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Things Squared Away

It's nice to have our septic system working again. We've had trouble with it just about every year since it was installed, and it's getting a bit old. The toilet wasn't flushing, so we had to resort to the "flush and plunge" method.

Jim checked the tank, and it was full. We have yet to figure out why the liquid portion hasn't been flowing into the drain field, and are very open to suggestions. The first time this happened one winter we called the local man that pumps out septic tanks, and he mentioned there seems to be no action in the tank. It cost us $100 to have him pump it out, so the next time we had trouble Jim devised a way to do it himself. Probably this summer we'll have the man back to pump out the solids, but we can handle the rest. I was amazed that all the man did with what he pumped out was to go into our big field, and at one of the edges he pumped out his tank!

Someone accidentally unplugged one of the upstairs chest freezers, and my bags of raspberries placed in there last summer when I didn't have time to make jam had been thawing. So, I was up very late last night to complete the jam process.

I've also been putting in extra time to help prepare for the upcoming homeschool convention. My job is to receipt all registrations into our accounting system, and Jim has more than a few projects for me to do with all my "spare time."

If you look closely at the hill behind Calliope and Sandy you will see snowmobile tracks -- and they weren't from us. Brian gave us a very good suggestion in a comment he made a couple of posts ago: Snowmobilers get a bad reputation from a few bad apples. Might I suggest that instead of a "no trespassing sign" --which will be ignored anyway-- put up a "Trail use for customers of the farm." That way they know that you know they're there, and they can gently take a hint. Plus you might get some business to boot.

Great idea, and now we just need to get the signs made!

This is another of Andrew's photos. I think he has a real eye for beauty.


Kimberly said...

Sorry to hear of your septic problems. We went most of one winter a few years ago using a portapotty!! Yuck! Tim would pump out the septic tank every week so at least we could take baths and such. In the spring we had to put in a new system. Yeah, isn't it funny how they will just dump the sewage somewhere on your land? Yet we have to have approved septic systems. We used to hire someone who did that. Now we hire a man who hauls it away to an approved site. And he is cheaper than the other guy! I pray you will figure out what your septic problem is.

Marci said...

THat last picture is beautiful. Sorry about the septic problems. I hope you figure it out.

What's New with the Halls said...

Hope you can get everything done before the convention! Love the photo Andrew took - gorgeous!

Kelle said...

My knowledge of septic systems is limited but is there a possiblity that your drainfield is freezing up? This happens to friends of ours every winter. This summer, they've vowed to dig it up and lay it far below the frostline, they're sick of using the outhouse( over the top of the septic tank and pumping it out.

Another thing they're doing is making their sinks, tubs and washer go into a grey water system, so the only thing going into the septic is sewage only. Another thing, do you add bacteria, to help breakdown the solid waste? Well.... that's all I know*wink*
You cow looks great! and I'm sure it is frustrating that the snowmobilers trespass, people just have no respect for others property. If they do it enough won't it wear on your pastures? If you catch them, I'd surley give them a talking to and explain that damage caused will be their responsiblity, be sure to get their name and info. first before saying this though. Maybe that will scare them enough to deter them*sigh*
Love the past photo Andrew has quite an eye, what a blessing.
Bless your weekend,

Lynn Bartlett said...

Thanks for all your comments. The septic system is at an even keel for the moment, and we aren't sure just what makes it go out of kilter. Kelle, we had one year when the drain field did freeze, so for the past 2 years we loaded the area up with lots of straw. Maybe it wasn't enough -- who knows. what do you use for bacteria to add to the tank?

Kimberly, we had to use a bucket for our "septic system" when we first moved into our basement. I was so thankful when we finally had the system working. Makes one thankful for having a flush toilet!