Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Friends came to visit for the day yesterday. We have four sons, they have 5, so what do you do with all that energy?

David was given a go-cart from someone in the area and needed to get it going. Andrew installed a snowmobile engine on the cart, and yesterday the boys worked on it and got it going. They got it up to quite a speed, and then the engine fell off! Guess the bolts used weren't strong enough.

Now it's back to the drawing board to figure out how to bolt the engine to the frame. I'm not worried; Andrew will figure it out. He's quite the mechanic.

So, the boys had to find something else to do.
Everyone but Jonathan donned swimming gear and poled out to the deeper part of the lake. It was time for swimming! After a pep talk from Jim about keeping safety in mind and a quick prayer, off they went.

A fun time was had by all.
The only cloud on the day was when barefooted Peter was stepped on by our horse. Ouch! She got his big toe. Our friend is an EMT, and determined the toe wasn't broken, thankfully. We had Peter soak it in hot then cold water, and he went to bed.
This morning Peter told me he hardly slept last night, so he went back to bed after milking the goats. After more doctoring, Peter is sitting in the recliner with his feet up, enjoying a book that came in today's mail from interlibrary loan. Our family would have a hard time without that service!
I'm also including a photo of one of my rose bushes. It was much prettier before the wind blew away some of the rose petals, but still looks very nice.

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Fun on the farm.


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