Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Down -- Three to Go

Here are some final photos of our day:

As we begin, the payloader is stuck trying to enter our land, and the cabin is blocking the gravel road.

Mr. Pedie went home and picked up another piece of equipment; something that was strong enough to pull the payloader out of the soft ground.

Once free, it didn't take them long to bring the cabin up the hill and to where the guys had staked out where they wanted it to rest. Jim placed this one facing directly south, so we can utilize part of it as a greenhouse.

The boys sure loved all that heavy machinery!

Finally where it was supposed to be!

Our friend, Mr. Pedie, who so graciously and willingly helped us out by using his equipment to tow the cabin.

And a big thanks to our crew!


Lynette said...

Wow! A job well done, even with the soft ground. What a blessing to have such a wonderful crew to help you. Hope the other three are in their new "home" soon!

Anonymous said...

Good job guys.

By the looks of the"crew", you could wait a few years and not need any equipment, they could all together lift it up by hand and carry it to a new location.

Love the pictures Lynn. Keep "um Commin".

Gp B

Kelle said...

What a HUGE, literally, undertaking. PTL the payloader didn't get stuck any worse.I'd be a nervous wreck, Mike helped move a small cabin 12x20 once and I didn't even go, but I fretted about them all day.LOL!

Other than a greenhouse , what's the plan for the rest of the buildings? What a blessing to have ready made buildings, all you need to do is remodel them for the uses you need them for.


Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Kelle,
The buildings do need some work -- especially new shingling. They are just shells in the inside, so it will be fairly easy to make them into what we want them to be. So far we know we want the greenhouse and one to be a guest house (guess we better make sure there's an outhouse close by!). The other 2 are possibly going to be storage buildings. We can certainly always use a space for that!