Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Venison Processing

The older boys did very well this year, and we have four deer to process. Yesterday we finished one deer before heading to a friend's birthday party, and today finished another one. I am very thankful to have an electric meat grinder, or the process would take a lot longer. We aren't very fussy about our cuts of meat, and use more ground venison than roasts, steaks or stew meat.
Peter and Jonathan did more of the cutting off the bones,

and David and Andrew ground the meat. I took the job of packaging the venison for storing in the freezer. We are very thankful to have purchased a large chest freezer with profits from our summer raspberry business.
Occasionally we sneak our oldest cat into the house, but today she quickly became a pest, due to begging for scraps.
We also had a couple more visitors, watching us from the window over the kitchen sink.


Marci said...

A freezer of meat. That is wonderful. Your boys look like great helpers!!!

Herrick Kimball said...

Congratulations to your boys,Lynn!
This looks very much like our house inside and out. We have ALOT of snow
on the ground,too. We have cut up and frozen three deer.
Unlike you though, we don't have an
electric grinder. It took quite awhile
to grind the 25 lbs. I think one is in our future.
We're not fussy either about our cuts.We freeze big chunks for later use in stew, stir-fry and Rob wants to make jerky.
We sure aren't professional meat processors, but I can't see where we
waste near enough to justify the $65 they charge around here to process one.
It's a great feeling to have all that meat in the freezer, isn't it?!!
PS. Lynn, could you e-mail me, lost
your address in a computer change over.