Monday, March 03, 2008

Morning Visitors

Last Friday morning Jonathan and I were the first ones up, and when I let the dog out, he started barking. Jonathan looked out the kitchen window, and the above photo is what he saw. There were two moose in the valley! The white area in between them is our cow path that leads up to what we call our big field.
By then, everyone else was up, wanting to know what was going on. The boys snapped a couple of photos, but by the time the moose stood up and walked away, there was no more room on the digital camera's card. I guess our object lesson for that day was to always make sure the card is empty!
On the bottom right side of this photo you can see something that is made of poles and standing tipi fashion; that is my clothesline. The 2nd winter we were here we had a cow moose staying close to that area for three whole days during hunting season. I guess these moose like our area, as we discourage snowmobilers from utilizing our land, and they are less bothered here. A friend came by on Saturday, and said he had just seen a moose down in our bog area.

Guess we never know what we will see next in this beautiful Turtle Mountain area!


Anonymous said...
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Scott Terry said...

Thats neat. Thats one of the things I miss most about Alaska, the moose. They are such wonderful animals. Who needs to raise beef when you have things roamin' the back 40 :)

Marci said...

That is really neat. Do you ever hunt moose? I had a moose roast once that friends from Alaska brought us. It was delicious.