Monday, October 29, 2007

Around the Farm

The boys showed me how easy it is to upload photos from our digital camera; now I need to try it out for myself!
David decided it would be fun to get Samson to sleep with him in Peter's bottom bunk.
I took this photo through the bedroom window, so the boys didn't know it was taken. Friends gave Andrew the three wheeler, and he was busy trying to change one of its tires. He has quite a mind for vehicle repairs. I guess we can truly consider ourselves homesteaders, since Sunday another family brought us our first tractor! Too bad it doesn't work. The guys were out today, trying to get it to start.

The goats were all brought into our barn area for the fall/winter. It took a while for them to decide who was head honcho; finally things have settled down and they all tolerate each other.


Goodolboy said...

Happy Birthday Lynn, Ready for winter? We're not. Just dropped by to say howdy and see how ya all are gettin on. The picture of your son and his dog sure reminds me of Garret and Indy. Both look about the same age too. Talk to ya soon. Say hi to the Turtle Mountain Boys for me.


Marci said...

What is it about boys and dogs. I would not be able to stand having a dog in bed with me. =) Looks like you are getting ready for winter!!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Guy, David is 8; how old is Garrett? Samson is actually attached to our son Peter, but David tries to charm him into playing with him! And no, I am NOT ready for winter!

Hi Marci,
I don't think I could sleep with a dog, either! David bribed Samson into the bed, but they were just goofing around and not actually getting ready to sleep. We don't have dogs in the house, except if it is bitterly cold. I guess I worry about Samson freezing the tips of his ears.

Goodolboy said...

Hi Lynn, Garret is 10. Sorry to hear about your carrots and potatoes. We planted about a hundred hill of potatoes and ended up with around 50 pounds when all said and done. Most rottted in the ground due to the wet spring. I think we are doing some raised gardens next year. We had a mini snow storm yesterday morning . That got my attention. Talk to ya soon.