Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Garden Flowers

Last spring Andrew and Peter went to work and created a picket fence for a backdrop for my rock garden, and it sure is a wonderful addition. All the flowers were grown from seed, which was done at our friend Paulette's place. She has southern facing windows, and plants thrive over there. I didn't grown many petunias this year, but it's probably just as well since it's been so hot and dry. The marigolds are doing just great.

This view shows how the garden is situated in relation to the house. Just around the corner is the door to our walk-in basement. We are still living down there. I am so thankful for the main part of the house that is shelled in but not insulated yet, because last year there was nothing up there and we almost cooked in the basement. All we had between us and the hot sun was plywood and rolled roofing. At least this year the structure above gives us great insulation.


Marci said...

Very very pretty. They did a great job and so did you.

Thanks for the card. I really appreciated the note.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely garden!
The fence is a perfect background and your marigolds are such a rich color!
I came by your blog from Northern Farmer and I'm enchanted by your agrarian adventure. I'm a homeschool mom and I love Christian farm blogs. You all are such an inspiration. I don't know if the Lord has a homestead on earth for me, but from your pictures, I can get a little closer to that life. :)
I finally moved somewhere with good soil (I lived in the desert for many years and you can't even grow weeds there). I stuck some seeds in the ground for the first time this spring and grew two little marigolds. Your picture gives me hope! I'll try again next spring.

Peggy said...

beautiful flower garden! perfect by your home and love the fence