Saturday, January 20, 2007

Authentic Agriculture

Last winter I was reading posts from a Christian self-publishing Yahoo group, and happened across a family that called themselves "Lighthouse Farm." Something they said made me curious, so I checked out their website: . I discovered we had two things in common: They were currently living in Indiana, and were packing up and moving to the family farm in Minnesota. Well, I lived in Indiana for 3 years and am originally from Minnesota, so they were as good as family to me! It was then I started reading Good Farmer John's blog.

This was my introduction to what people were calling Christian agrarian thought.

Jim and I moved to the country because we wanted our boys raised in the country, and needed the space to grow our own food and do other things we had dreamed about. Jim is the thinker in the family, and knew a bit about the large agricultural corporations and how corrupt they are. My only knowledge of the Monsanto corporation was its name; a friend from Fargo worked for them, and also married a chemist in the company.

John Mesko has written an excellent post over at the Northern Farmer blog ( entitled, "Authentic Agriculture: Defined." Reading this post will give you an idea of what our family has been thinking, since we are in agreement with the Meskos in what they are expressing. I am very grateful to Good Farmer John, since he has helped me to understand the times with regard to farming, and also to see the importance of raising healthy, wholesome food for our family.


Ethan said...

There is also a pointer to a conference call you can listen to about some of this stuff over at...

JM said...

Hi Lynn,

You are very kind. Thank you for the encouragement. And you ARE Authentic!