Monday, May 29, 2006

Gardening Express

What a busy day! It was finally my day to get out in the garden and plant; and plant we did! Our whole family was out in force to work in the garden areas. Even Paulette came over to help, and we still didn't finish by the end of the day.

I wish I knew how many transplants we got into the ground today, and it amazes me that we started them all from seeds. I planted all my herbs today, along with peppers of all kinds, different varieties of tomatoes, melons, squash -- and lots and lots of flowers. Our son Jonathan decided we didn't have enough peas, so he planted another row. Then Andrew thought we needed more sweet corn, so he planted 3 more rows! The problem with this is that we haven't had a decent rain all spring, so all of our fields must be watered by hand. We have been using Mountain Fire Keeper's pickup truck with a water tank in the box, but he needed his truck today so we mounted the tank on our trailer and had to take double the trips to the lake to fill the tank only half way instead of full. Jim has the procedure down pat, but as he is leaving next week for a trip, we need to take over the job. All the chores have been shifted down one boy as well, so life has stepped up a pace.

We started our planting experience in bouts of light rain and much wind, and then the clouds would break and it would become almost hot. This went on and on all day, until finally the sprinkles quit about mid afternoon. I can't imagine what the grain farmers around here are doing, as they certainly can't be watering their fields. It's becoming a very big problem.

Paulette and I had just gone into the house to make a very late supper, when the boys announced that our friend Chris and Mountain Fire Keeper were here! Apparently Steve got as far as an hour away from here when his pickup broke down -- conveniently in the town near where Chris lives. Steve had parked his car over here, so he took off for his appointments in Grand Forks, and Chris stayed for supper. Never a dull moment around here.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish up planting the rest of my flowers. No rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, so we'll be busy watering.


HomesteadHerbs said...

You're better at starting from seed than I am! Most of all the herb seeds I started didn't survive. Some due to neglect, some due to not germinating, some because they were being temperamental!! And then those that were doing well, perished after being transplanted!!! But I won't throw in the towel yet....persistance will perservere!

Sounds like you'll have a wonderful garden, and beautiful flower beds! Can't wait to see photos!

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I've missed your blogging! Paulette has a beautiful place to grow seeds, so we had a head start on everything -- not to mention lots of experience on the part of Paulette and also Steve. I asked Jonathan, and he thought we planted over 1-1/2 acres this year! Now to see if we can maintain it. I think I'll need more canning jars and a place to store everything!

Emily said...

Hi Lynn! Boy, I'm off the computer for a few days and I come back to find out that you're conquering the world! ;^D Your ambition and industriousness inspire me. It's wonderful that you have such an abundance of good fellowship. Having company always energizes me. How are your chickies doing? I can't imagine having that many at one time. These guys keep me busy and we only have a dozen. They're already outgrowing their bin, getting in each others way, flying around whenever I take the gate off the top. I hope you post some pics of yours. How are your cats? I was going to suggest putting some charcoal powder in their food; in case they licked the oil off their fur, maybe that would help it pass through their systems.

Lynn said...

I goofed, Christine -- we tilled up 1-1/2 acres for gardens but only planted a bit under 1 acre. Seems like hundreds of acres to me after crawling around planting all day!

Lynn said...

Hi Emily, you are the 2nd person to recommend using charcoal for the cats, and I better get busy and do that tomorrow. They seem to be doing okay, but cats do a good job of hiding their problems. We do have pictures of our new chicks, but I have to rely on the boys to download them and get them into my blog! We'll try to do that tomorrow. I'm still wondering how you manage to have yours in the house; the hoop house definitely smells "chicky"! We are hoping our hatchery chicks will arrive very soon, because I want them established here before my master chick raiser leaves for a week.

Emily said...

Hi again Lynn! Well, you must remember we have only a dozen chicks so not as many droppings plus we're using pine shavings for litter which have a pleasant odor. I stir up the litter a bit each morning, spread a fresh layer on top of the dry droppings, and change the whole thing every few days. Truly I do not smell anything offensive even when I come in after being outdoors. I'm probably more attentive and obsessive about keeping them clean and dry though. Dwayne says I'm turning into a chicken, I spend so much time with them and reading about them. :) Can't wait to see your photos.