Monday, January 30, 2006

Packing Up

This afternoon my youngest talked me into going in search of his camouflage hat. Ever since his older brother's camo fabric face covering arrived in the mail, he has figured he needed one as well. So, we headed out to our semi trailer to look for the right Rubbermaid container.

When we finally found this land in the Turtle Mountains we figured the best way to transport all of our worldly goods was in a semi trailer. Jim found a company that sold old trailers, and one was driven up from the Twin Cities and came to rest on our front lawn in Fargo. I'm sure it was quite an eyesore for the neighbors, but it gave the college students something new to look at as they walked past our house to school. While Jim was spending time up here trying to contact companies to bring in power, phone, water, concrete, etc., I was back in Fargo, feverishly packing up. It was quite a trick to pack everything so the contents wouldn't shift when the semi hauled the trailer the 5 or more hours up to our land.

Since we really wouldn't be unpacking for a while, I decided to use a recipe card box and list on individual cards the contents of each individual box. This made it much slower going in the packing business, but at least I knew when I needed something it would be easier to find. I can't remember the exact count, but my numbers on the boxes reached over a hundred (not to mention what Jim and the boys had packed of their own stuff!). We also packed all of our furniture into the trailer; good thing we never did have much, and what we had was almost all second hand! All the wooden objects needed to be wrapped to prevent scratching, etc,. and I was very thankful that on Mondays a certain thrift store in Fargo had 99 cent sales, so I came home with a lot of cheap quilts and blankets to do that type of packing.

There is an ordinance in Fargo against front yard parking, so approximately 5 days before our actual moving date a police officer showed up and asked Jim when the trailer was going to be moved. When he heard it would be within the week, he let us go and we breathed a sigh of relief.

We were thankful that one of our neighbors had a brother who did over the road trucking for a living, and offered to pull the trailer up for a better price than what another company had quoted us. I was a bit apprehensive, as this guy was very eccentric and I thought that if I didn't know whose brother he was I would be afraid we would never see our possessions again! He told us to relax, as his main job was to haul million dollar jet engines all over the country. His family had a lake cabin not too far from our location, and wanted an excuse to go up and do some fishing.

Well, we arrived at our pop up camper about 6:00 in the evening, and at approximately 8:00 the next morning our semi trailer arrived. Nothing to worry about, most everything survived without damage. The trailer was a life saver, as it was parked next to our utility pole where the outlet as located, and I could plug in my toaster oven or crock pot and do a better job of cooking than on the camp stove! I could also store some of our food items in the trailer, and it became our "home away from home."

Even though we have moved into our basement, we still use the trailer for storage of anything that will not be damaged by temperature extremes. That is where David and I found his camo hat!


HomesteadHerbs said...

I'm impressed! You had enough forethought to write content lists for each box? What a wonderful idea!

When I moved from Argentina to Texas, I had a big container with all of my possessions stored during the construction of the house. I had a content list of the boxes, only because we had to have one for customs. I didn't have access to my boxes though as the container was at the moving company's storage facility. I can't tell you how many times I thought of something I needed but couldn't get it cause it was in storage! It felt like Christmas when we finally moved into the house and were unable to unpack the container!

Emily said...

You are a better woman than I! When we moved here in December I began by methodically packing room by room, listing contents of boxes on index cards, numbering them, etc, etc. Well. After five cards and innumerable interruptions, I threw in the towel and succumbed to chaos. The most frequent expression in our house these days is, "Where's the......?????"
I must say, though, that I think I've lost a few pounds running up to the attic a thousand times a day! God bless......Emily

Lynn said...

Emily, I am so looking forward to some day having our house roughed in so I can store everything within easy reach! It would have been much more difficult if I hadn't done the box listings. My husband gave up and took digital photos of the inside of the box, and he found that didn't work too well. I'm finding the longer I have things in storage the more items I am getting rid of since I haven't used them in ages.